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Ports & Ships Maritime News

8 September 2015
Author: Terry Hutson

Bringing you shipping, freight, trade and transport related news of interest for Africa since 2002


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The Norwegian-owned, Chinese and Singapore-managed bulk carrier SPAR SCORPIO (53,565 dwt, built 2006) arrives in Durban on Thursday last week to take bunkers, before sailing for Gibraltar. The ship was arriving from Maputo. Picture is by Ken Malcolm

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forests 480

Durban is playing host to yet another important international event -- the XIV World Forestry Congress -- which kicked off yesterday.

This is the first time the congress, which brings together governments, the private sector, foresters, academics and the civil society, will be held on African soil since its inception in 1926.

This event takes place every six years under the endorsement of the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations.

Under the theme Forests and People: Investing in a Sustainable Future, the congress will for the rest of this week see participants discuss ways to unleash the full potential of forests to lift rural populations out of poverty, act as buffers against climate change and inspire new technologies and renewable products.

This will be crucial as the world will be entering a new development era with the adoption of the post-2015 sustainable development goals.

Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa was due to deliver the opening address at the congress late yesterday. source: SAnews.gov.za

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angola northeurope 480

Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) is again improvng on and upgrading its Europe to West Africa services.

The latest enhancement concerns MSC's Angola Express Service, which now includes a new direct call at the port of Casablanca in Morocco.

The revised service sees ships calling at two of Europe's largest ports, Antwerp and Rotterdam, as well as at the French port of Bassens.

The revised Angola Express Service now operates with six vessels each with a nominal capacity of 2,000 TEU and is scheduled to commence on 18 September 2015 with the 2,500 TEU NIKOLAS (32,298 dwt, built 2000) loading containers at Rotterdam. The port rotation is: Rotterdam, Antwerp, Bassens (Bordeaux), Sines, Casablanca, Las Palmas/Las Palmas, Conakry, Luanda, Dakar, Rotterdam.

MSC West Africa Service map 480

In another enhancement, MSC says it will be adding a new direct call at Dakar on its Northern Europe to West Africa Service.

The new direct call will drastically improve the transit time to Dakar, which is ideal for reefers and consolidated cargo, says MSC.

Current competitive transit times to Lagos (Nigeria), Tema (Ghana) and Abidjan (Ivory Coast) will be maintained.

The ships deployed to this service are eight 3,200 TEU container ships operating a port rotation of St Petersburg, Antwerp, Felixstowe, Le Havre, Las Palmas, Dakar, Lagos, Tema, Abidjan, San Pedro, Las Palmas, Agadir, Antwerp, Bremerhaven, St Petersburg.

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Durban beachfront with port in background Portn
Port of Durban and section of the beachfront

The Ports Regulator of SA is inviting stakeholders and other interested port user parties to participate in the 2016/2017 -- 2018/2019 Tariff Application process by attending the scheduled roadshows in the relevant regions and or to submit comments.

A series of public hearings on Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA) tariff application for 2016/17 will be held at the venues and times listed below. This invitation is extended to all PCCs, the NPCC and all Port Users across the entire port system.

Durban and Richards Bay
The meeting will be held at the Garden Court Marine Parade on Thursday, 1 October 2015, from 09:00 to 13:00.

The venue is Emperors Palace on Friday, 2 October 2015 from 09:00 to 13:00.

East London, Port Elizabeth and Ngqura
The venue is the Garden Court Kings Beach Hotel on Monday, 5 October 2015 from 09:00 to 13:00.

Cape Town, Saldanha Bay, Mossel Bay
The venue is The Pepper Club Hotel and Spa, on Tuesday, 6 October 2015 from 09:00 to 13:00.

Hard copies of the TNPA's application may be obtained from offices of the TNPA or alternatively downloaded from the Ports Regulator's website: www.portsregulator.org

It is important to note that registration to attend public hearings is mandatory. Registration forms can be downloaded from CLICK HERE or by emailing eventsregistration@portsregulator.org

The Road Show Registration closes Friday 25 September 2015.

Written submissions on the TNPA's application can be sent to the Regulator up to Thursday, 16 October 2015. Written submissions should be addressed to the Chairman, Ports Regulator of South Africa, Private Bag X54322, Durban, 4000, 11th Floor, The Marine Building, 22 Dorothy Nyembe Street, Durban, 4001, Contact person: Mr Phakade Sicwebu. Tel. (031) 365 7800, Email: tariffcomment@portsregulator.org or Fax 031 365 7858.

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Video clip of CMA CGM Bougainville [0:55] source: CMA CGM

CMA CGM Bougainville 480

French shipping line CMA CGM has introduced its latest new vessel into service, CMA CGM BOUGAINVILLE which becomes the largest container ship in the world under the French flag.

The 400 metre long ship has started her maiden voyage on rotation on the group's Asia French trades. She is the fourth ship of 18,000 TEU capacity in the series bearing the names of great explorers, and pays tribute to the French explorer Louis-Antoine de Bougainville, who as Captain, led the first official French exploration of the world in the 18th Century.

The new ship was delivered on 25 August and will call at Le Havre every 77 days while on the company's FAL Europe to Asia service.

In a globalised economy, this gigantic 54 metre wide vessel has the capacity to transport almost 200,000 tons of goods between European, Middle East and Asian markets and now becomes a key element in such trades. By calling at the CMA CGM hubs at Malta and Klang ports, CMA CGM BOUGAINVILLE is offered transshipment connections towards worldwide markets.

The giant ship is equipped with all the latest environmental technologies, allowing her to become one of the world's greenest transportation solutions. Thanks to the latest environmental technologies onboard and the optimisation of her hydrodynamics, her CO2 emissions/km are particularly low. In fact, the vessel's CO2 emissions average only 37g of CO2/km for each container, an energy efficiency almost three times higher than recorded by the group's fleet 10 years ago.

CMA CGM Bougainville was delivered on 25 August by the South Korean shipyard of Samsung Heavy Industries and has begun her first rotation by calling at Asian ports. She called at Shanghai on 5 September, is due at Port Klang on the 13th, Suez on the 15th and Algeciras on 1 October to finally arrive at Le Havre on 5 October in the morning.

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Mareno 480
Luderitz tugs fighting the container fire on board the Mareno

The 153 metre long container ship MARENO (17,500 dwt, built 2000) suffered fire damage on 30 August while sailing from Walvis Bay to Cape Town with a cargo of charcoal.

The crew noticed that one of the containers stacked on the deck of the vessel appeared to be burning. Despite their attentions the fire soon spread to several other containers.

The ship changed course and headed for the nearest port which was Luderitz, while also requesting help. Two harbour tugs were sent to the scene to assist with fighting the fire and together with the ship's crew the fires in the containers were extinguished. Six containers loaded with charcoal had suffered damage from the fire and these were unloaded at Luderitz.

There were no injuries to crew and according to the Namibian authorities, no pollution was released. The ship was inspected and only minor damage reported. An investigation into the fire has been launched.

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12 04 Tideland 480

Anthony Parker, Sales Manager, Sub-Saharan Africa of Tideland Signal Limited based in Burgess Hill, West Sussex, in the UK reports that his company will be organising an aids to navigation workshop for Africa.

Training will take place at Transnet National Port Authority, Durban, South Africa on 8 & 9 December, 2015 with the objective of familiarising those who attend with aids to navigation functions and maintenance in order to optimise equipment capabilities and performance, observing recommended safety precautions.

The instructors are three factory-trained aids to navigation engineers and 20 to 30 participants are anticipated.

Those who attend are expected to have practical technical experience in the marine field with a basic understanding of aids to navigation requirements.

Documentation is taken from manufacturer's standard manual in English.

Equipment demonstrated will be supplied by Tideland Signal. There will be no charge for the tuition and the language of instruction will be English with French translation.


Topics to be included in the syllabus are:
* Equipment, general description
* System specifications, capabilities and performances
* Main aids to navigation parameters
* Buoy assembly and disassembly
* Buoy maintenance and repair
* Lantern operative functions
* Lantern on-site diagnostic checks
* Flash code selection
* Lantern maintenance
* Moorings' design and maintenance
* Safety precautions
* Prevention against theft and vandalism

Further details may be obtained from Anthony Parker, Sales Manager -- Sub-Saharan Africa, Tideland Signal Limited:
Mobile: +44 (0) 7887 751145;
Tel: +44 (0)1444 872240;
Fax: +44 1444 872241
Email: anthony.parker@tidelandsignal.com

Paul Ridgway

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Portuguese Island Still 2 480
Computer-generated impression of the upgraded Portuguese Island facilities awaiting the new cruise season

The quintessential tropical island paradise -- Mozambique's Portuguese Island is an uninhabited nature reserve, boasting pristine beaches, dense vegetation, pleasant lagoons and small patches of mangrove. Already well-established as one of South Africa's most popular cruise destinations, MSC Cruises has invested heavily into further facility upgrades on the island. As such, it has commenced Phase 2 of its Portuguese Island improvement programme to ensure that the new upgrades are ready in time for the 2015-16 season, now only a few months away.

"Over the last 2014-15 cruise season, MSC cruised to Portuguese Island a total of 35 times, and carried over 43,800 passengers to its shores," says Allan Foggitt, Marketing and Sales Director of MSC Cruises. "For the 2015-16 season, MSC Cruises expects to increase visits to Portuguese Island by escalating landings to 40, with the aim of carrying in excess of 72,000 passengers ashore during the course of the 2015-16 season."

To cope with the expected increase in visitors, Foggitt says that MSC Cruises will be making a number of essential upgrades to the infrastructure on the island. "Improvements will be made to the entertainment and bar areas, the dining area will be expanded, and the excursion centre, VIP area will all receive a makeover. Over and above the mentioned improvements, there will also be a substantial amount of new infrastructure and facilities built, including a new furnished entertainment area, dining deck, a fully equipped excursion centre, additional storage area and the beach kitchen has been enlarged."

Portuguese Island Still 5 480
To make the island experience as relaxing, luxurious and comfortable as possible, a cooler spray system will be installed, along with extra shade sails, and the addition of extra indigenous palm trees in and around the development for added shade and aesthetic impact.

According to MSC, all the new infrastructure development commissioned by it will be strictly focused on preserving the ecological environment on Portuguese Island. The cruise company is working with experts in the field of environmental sustainability and green building practices to ensure that the developments made have a minimal impact on the island's ecosystem, ensuring that the environmental integrity of this nature reserve is maintained.

"All infrastructure is non-permanent as it is built from timber, which is in itself, a green and sustainable material," Foggitt explains. "Also, wooden walkways have been added so that the excessive foot traffic doesn't damage the island's delicate sand dune ecosystem. Other sustainable developments that have been added to service the area include a desalination plant that turns sea water into fresh water and deposits it into holding tanks, a bio-degradable sewerage system, and a fully integrated solar-powered electrical system has been installed on the roofs of the storage sheds to power the development. All solid waste is stored in bins and removed by MSC on every ship visit."

As part of the upgrade project, MSC is also investing in 3 additional ship-to-shore Zodiac vessels, which will offer passengers easier and quicker access to the island. Each Zodiac has been purpose designed to carry 80 passengers at a time.

To date, MSC has invested in capital expenditure on tourism-linked infrastructure in Mozambique, focusing mainly on Portuguese Island. However, Foggitt says that over and above the monetary investment in the region, MSC remains committed to driving sustainable long-term growth in the area through various other avenues, including advertising the destination worldwide via various marketing platforms, selling shore excursions run by local businesses, supporting local trade through passenger destination spend, the creation of local markets, and its on-going investment in skills based training and job creation in the area.

Portuguese Island Still 9 480

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PECT aerial 470
Gateway port

Ports & Ships publishes regularly updated SHIP MOVEMENT reports including ETAs for ports extending from West Africa to South Africa to East Africa and including Port Louis in Mauritius.

In the case of South Africa's container ports of Durban, Ngqura, Ports Elizabeth and Cape Town links to container Stack Dates are also available.

You can access this information, including the list of ports covered, by going HERE remember to use your BACKSPACE to return to this page.


CARSTEN MAERSK 3 September 2015 2 480

CARSTEN MAERSK 3 September 2015 3 480

One of the more interesting container ships to arrive in Durban this past week was CARSTEN MAERSK (105,000 dwt, built 2000). Her interest lies in this being one of the early 'very large' container ships of the Sovereign class. In 2000 a ship having a container capacity of 8,160 TEU was considered a real giant, of the sort that many said could never be seen in these waters! Well, were they wrong because here she is, sailing up the Durban entrance channel last Friday and heading for the Durban Container Terminal, and she's not even the biggest to do so! Another item of interest is that the 347 metre long by 42.8m wide Carsten Maersk was built at the Odense Steel Shipyards in Denmark, as hull number 179, one of a series of Sovereign-class ships. It was from this shipyard that the E-class ships with an even greater capacity said to be of more than 10,000 TEU were to appear some seven years later. E-class ships such as the famous EMMA MAERSK were eventually admitted as having a maximum capacity of 14,770 TEU, the first to do so but that was kept secret at the time, just as the Sovereign class were supposedly of 6,600 TEU capacity. All this subterfuge simply to have one over the competition. Pictures are by Trevor Jones


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